Electricity and Ghosts - Apple Store


ArtHertz staged a preview performance of Electricity and Ghosts - a major ongoing project centred upon Battersea Power Station. In a story-telling event involving music, film and sound, Electricity and Ghosts will address themes of electricity, memory, power and....ghosts! This event at Apple features work by ArtHertz collaborator Sarah Angliss and her band Spacedog along side visuals by Roger Spy and Dennis da Silva. It will begin with a quiet 'calling piece' set against a multi-screen backdrop of visuals designed to be staged at a future event within the turbine halls of Battersea Power Station involving performances by John Foxx and Orb. The Rushes Soho Shorts show will continue with Spacedog's signature reworkings of Kurt Weill and dark European folk songs, mixing Sarah's sister, Jenny's ethereal vocals with theremin, saw, robotic bell rig, 'Ealing Feeder' that featured on the ArtHertz stand at the Kinetica 2010 Art Fair and other oddities.


Sarah Angliss has written on the social history of the drum machines and samplers for the Science Museum, London and recently collaborated with Punchdrunk theatre company, devising highly unusual new audio effects. She has conducted a world-renowed, live musical experiment exploring the strange psychological effects of infrasound (extreme bass sound) and performed live in the reverb chamber of the National Physical Laboratory (a room with one of the longest reverberations in Europe). Her one-off robotic creatios have been seen at the South Bank Centre, London, the Brighton Festival Fringe, the Kinetica Art Fair and many other venues. Produced by Dennis da Silva / Arthertz.